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The unmatched large size and high strength of NBK Large ceramic elements help create grand, impressive and modern façades.


  • Length: max. 1,800mm
  • Custom length: The length of the elements can be adjusted individually to maximum of 2,000mm. 
  • Height: max. 800mm
  • Custom height: The height of the elements can be adjusted individually to the desired horizontal grid and to maximum of 1,000mm.
  • Thickness: 40mm
  • Colors: For standard colors, see our color table. Other colors are available on request. Glazing according to customer wishes or RAL specifications.
  • Surface finishes: Natural, polishes, textured, peeled, profiles, glazed Curved surfaces cannot be polished. Other surfaces are available on request.
  • Mass per unit area: Approx. 60kg/m2

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canada goose parka women
canada goose parka women