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  • Rolandas Palekas

    Rolandas Palekas

    I cannot draw a clear line between my real projects and the work with students. I always have been teaching along with my practice, enjoying a team work, and know that students need it, too.

  • Herz:social practice of an architect

    Herz:social practice of an architect

    I think an architect should always be concerned with the specific needs and requirements of your clients. I think that’s one of the basic tasks of an architect.

  • Staay:craft in the postindustrial age

    Staay:craft in the postindustrial age

    Through analyzing two projects that involved his contributions, Maurits van der Staay pointed out that the ‘craft’ of the architect lies not only in his ability to sketch, draw, and design, but also in his understanding of the production processes involved.

  • Hutton:museum brandhorst

    Hutton:museum brandhorst

    Fittingly, the Museum Brandhorst stands at the entrance of the arts district in Munich, German. the colorful façade was created in response to the nearby structures to become a foretaste of the artistic displays beyond.

canada goose parka women
canada goose parka women